Thursday, December 4, 2008

Bonjour! I'm Bianca Beauvais, a dynamic, adventurous, fiery, natural redhead with vibrant green eyes, born of French descent. I stand 5'4" in stockings, weigh 118 lbs, and measure 34D-24-35 and I am most definite
ly NOT the girl next door. I'm the girl your mother warned you about because she knew that with but a wink, you were in trouble! I'm well-traveled, well-spoken, and thrive on living my life to the fullest. Being a model, I've had the privilege of living in a few different countries and visiting many parts of the world, one of my favorite things to do! Through travel and residency, I'm fluent in English and French and light, conversational Italian.
A former "nerd" and tomboy, I was involved in everything from math challenges to football and shop classes with the boys... that is until I grew boobs lol. Then it was just a matter of time before my career took off and I was exposed to what I consider "the finer things in life." To me, that means my favorite pair of jeans, the freshest ingredients in a beautiful meal, enjoying really getting to know my companion, learning about the history of a new city, or simply catching a sunrise with that someone special. Really, what more c
an a girl ask for? Well... maybe fashion, adventure travel, more SHOES, and a great glass of wine at the beach ;-). Hey, a girl can hope!
I'm health conscious and enjoy working out, especially with a friend. We could hike, kayak, horseback ride, ski, and I'm always up
for trying something new so you can always lead the way. I'm not a skydiver by any means but I do love speed! I hope to get the chance to drive a track one day just for the experience so any takers out there, let me know!
Sensually, I'm attracted to both men and women and both for very different reasons but, the one true characteristic I can appreciate in anyone is elegance. An ease and joy that comes from being happy with who y
ou are is so sexy and attractive to me. Another woman joining is always a welcome treat as long as it doesn't feel forced. This is after all about someone living out fantasies. I'm always concerned with my partners' needs before my own and more dominant than submissive if you're wondering.... I love to make sure my partner is fully relaxed and can allow themselves to NOT THINK about what should come next. It can be mellow or wild as long as it's passionate and natural.
I hope you've learned enough about me to want to learn more...
J'aimerais vous faire un homme très heureux s
i donné moitié de la chance et je fantasmerai au sujet de notre temps ensemble jusqu'à la prochaine reunion ....

Wishing you a day full of sunshine,

For inquiries, please send an email describing yourself along with any references and employment information that might make it easier for us to connect. My personal email address is and phone is 702-813-४७६४

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